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Welcome to the Humans Are Good Foundation

a think tank + action arm for human potential

We bring together science and spirituality to make people happier and more connected, and our world more sustainable. We are fueled by a community of 1000 founders looking to leave the world a little bit better.

here's how we're doing it

Our three pillars:


Scientific research

We study human consciousness and potential by working with doctors, healers, and scientists. We do rigorous evaluations of different healing tools and compile our learnings for mass use. 


Frameworks for improving mind-body health

We develop gold standard frameworks for integrating healing journeys and adverse emotional experiences into powerful learnings, and teach them to communities focused on improving mind-body health.

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Media and entertainment for good

We work with the coolest artists and creatives in the world to make content (music, art installations, documentaries) that positively reinforce the truth that humans are good.

Check out our work: Your Pet Brain, A WWII Ship Turned Reef Conservation, and Duality Derby.

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Why a pushie named 'Brain'? 

Meet our mascot, Brain. Brain is a “plushie with a purpose” here to de-stigmatize mental health at a mass scale. It’s squishy exterior and quirky charm not only represent our cause, but the consumer product also is a bridge between our work and the masses.

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our work

Post-psychedelic state integration 

We’re working with journey communities to safely and successfully turn their altered state experiences into productive long term healing. Through the use of our integration tools, backed by our scientific model, we have developed communities of integration that are healing in small group settings.

Emotional healing of cancer

We are deploying our precision emotional healing frameworks to cancer patients, family members, and patient advocates all over the country in an effort to increase the impact of emotional healing tools on those impacted by Cancer. We are also conducting research to understand which emotional healing tools are best for specific types of cancer. 

“The process helped me finally see my partner as me. It was a massive collapse of separation. After 20 years of relationship work, this was one of the most significant things I’ve ever done. The mapping process was the factor that catalyzed an entire collapse of belief. I’ve never felt happier or more fulfilled in a relationship.” - Psychadelic Journey participant

“This a truly transformational program. It was fascinating to see how the emotions in my body were similar to the spot I have been experiencing chronic pain and tumors.” - Cancer healing participant

“I am so grateful for all for doing this work. I have been looking for a training like this for years and finally understand how to help those who are in need of emotional support.”  - Cancer healing participant

projects to put your name behind

Precision emotional healing

Support the build of a data-driven, root-cause focused approach to resolving mental & emotional health issues.

Healing music at a mass scale

Help bring healing music to the masses and get your name behind hit songs, global concerts, and a new genre of music.

Research on reversing aging 

Fund cutting edge research to show how we can use mind-expanding tools to reverse aging and mental decline.

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Project Spotlight: Liber8 App

Liber8 is self-awareness app engineered to accelerate breakthroughs in one’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Note from Founder: "I know first hand how valuable awareness & a good support system is for people diving into their mental & emotional healing journeys. But currently, there are no efficient frameworks for understanding the root causes of emotional stress and matching people with the most effective tools for quantified healing outcomes. I am excited to develop & scale resources to solve exactly that for the masses."

Raj Jana, Co-founder of Liber8 & Host of Stay Grounded Podcast

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Project Spotlight: Billboard 500

By mentoring music creators on how to use frequency, lyrics, and melody with a positive intention we stand to make a major shift in consciousness through one of the strongest forms of energy in this universe: SOUND.

Adam McInnis, Founder

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Project Spotlight: MaxWell Clinic

David Haase, MD is a Vanderbilt, Mayo Clinic, double board certified, VERY CURIOUS physician.

Over the last 10yrs, Dr. Haase has been pioneering a new approach to slow, halt and even reverse cognitive decline by combining an increasingly thorough systems medicine assessment and plan with Regenerative Plasma Exchange to induce multi-tissue regeneration.

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Here's why everyone else is doing it

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"How do we create more harmony in the world?"

Mike Cline, Board Chairman, Humans are Good Foundation and Entrepreneur


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"This one moment shifted the way I saw humanity forever"

Emily Rasowsky, Humans Are Good Foundation Executive Director


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