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We're on a mission to gift 10,000 cancer patients life changing emotional healing support.

And we need your help to make this a reality.

Humans are good, in partnership with Liber8, has built a 3-month precision emotional healing program for cancer patients that is transforming their health and quality of life.

For each $600 donated, we provide a comprehensive package of emotional healing support to 1 patient to help them heal their traumas, transform their fears, and change their experience of cancer.

why focus on emotional health?


Toxic Stress Hurts Health

CDC (plus many other research organizations) have done studies to correlate ACEs, chronic stress, and trauma with poor health outcomes.

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You Can Train The Brain

Breakthroughs in the field of neuroscience suggest there are effective tools for reversing the negative impacts of trauma + rewiring parts of the brain that contribute to toxic stress.


Mind-Body Connection

There are over 4000 studies that correlate emotional healing and resilience with improved health outcomes.

case study: 90-day results for 32 program participants


Report improved sense of community and belonging


Report improvements in depression & negative self talk


Report improvement in sense of meaning and purpose 


Report seeing improvements their ability to see patterns in their life contributing to diseased states. 


Report self-management improvements


Report increased ability to manage stress & emotional triggers


Report more compassion for themselves & others

transform a patient's life for $600

What you get with your donation:

  • 501c write-off
  • Monthly updates on patient progress & transformation
  • Name included in press materials, case studies, and website
  • Pride in contribution to a program that will have a major impact on the lives of people affected by cancer
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testimonials from program participants

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“I had labs done with my oncologist yesterday. I had been told that I should expect that my blood counts would never be normal, and during and after 3 bouts with leukemia, there have always been some (usually several) counts that were out of range. Yesterday, however, every single one of my blood counts was in normal range!!! 😁 And the range was a range they give to everyone, not just someone living with leukemia. This is a HUGE deal to me!! Thank you to the fabulous Humans Are Good team!”

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“When I first got diagnosed with cancer, a lady once told me you're going to be thankful that you got cancer. And I thought she was crazy. I literally got angry when she said that. But, I really feel that now because I can see how this cancer broke me and gave me the chance to put myself back together stronger than I've ever been. It took away the illusion that I created for myself that I had things together. Cancer tore all of that away. And now I am really, truly healing and building myself up in a way that is the strongest I have ever been. I’m just really grateful.”

Ready to be a part of it?

Support our mission to gift 10,000 patients precision emotional healing and transform their experience of cancer.