Mike's Musings

Mike’s Musings

May 1, 2023


And so the writing begins.

The inspiration to start sharing these thoughts and ideas first started with the motorcycle trips. Mainly because its fun.

Its fun to write like how my brain thinks. I get to rile myself up into laughter, fascination, wonderment, intrigue. I get to chase ideas down rabbit holes. I get to commit to my own mad hatter tea party overflowing with blue kool-aid all without judgement to later find I was chasing a dead-end or a wisp of air. The freedom to let myself see myself would be another way to say it. Fully, unabashedly me.

To do that without the “shoulds” that often creep into our lives. The shoulds crafted into the subconscious of our psyches and nervous systems from the years from conditioning by a modern social structure who has lost much sight. Lost sight of the connection to land, earth and spirit, replaced with a Big Mac and 128oz slurpie.

So. I write for myself. To reconnect with myself. To anchor in myself.

May you find these musings as fun to read as they are to write.

I’ve waited a long time to express publicly as I’ve had no desire to contribute to the cacophony. To the gurus, the influencers, the information marketers, the unconscious parasitic and predatory deafening noise. I have a deep appreciation for auditory etiquette and for silence.

Just Mike

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