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Elevate the effectiveness of your healing journey with scientifically-backed integration tools

Humans Are Good empowers you to take greater control over your personal development & healing journey with a trigger log and proprietary How To Human integration system backed by doctors, rocket scientists, healers, and mental health pros.

Empower yourself to understand your triggers and patterns 
Collect & use your own emotional data to systematically unpack the highs & lows of your life.
Quickly identify the core wounds that keep you stuck
Leverage proven frameworks to help you find the learned limiting beliefs that cause you suffering.
10x the value of every journey & healing tool you use

Go into healing work with profound clarity, so you can effectively resolve the blocks that stop you from enjoying the freedom, finances, relationships, and experiences you desire.  

Transform your life by creating real change you can measure. 

the problem we're solving

Healing work can be super powerful, and it can also be an expensive, frustrating time drain if you don’t know what you actually need to work on. 

Without the right tools and an awareness of the real reasons you slip up, it's easy to fall back into the same patterns.

Attracting the same people, places, and things that hold you back from your full potential, your dream relationship, job, and bank account. 

Whether you’ve been working on yourself for ages or you're just embarking on your healing journey, the truth is this...

No seminar will fix you.

No healer will fix you.

No journey will fix you.

Only YOU can do that. 

These experiences can create breakthroughs and awakenings, but you’ll continue to waste a LOT of time, energy, and money until you activate the healer within. 

we tried it the hard way

Raj invested over $600k into his healing work to experience a sense of enoughness. 

Emily collected over a dozen certifications, from breathwork to shamanism, to try and find clarity. 

But still, things weren’t changing the way our hearts craved. 

We were making the same mistakes over and over again. 

Attracting the same partners, business opportunities, and life experiences as always.

Spending too much time and money without experiencing lasting change.  

We’d have a breakthrough in a journey or with a healer but go home and instantly regress when conversing with a parent or partner.

We couldn’t get anything to really, truly stick...

Until we realized we were missing a critical piece of the healing puzzle.

We understood our surface-level challenges - such as a frustrating colleague or a toxic relationship - but we didn’t know the root cause of why we were experiencing these challenges in the first place. 

We never spent the time to find the moments in our childhood that birthed the core wounds holding us back - the experiences that shaped the beliefs that we were unworthy, unlovable, or incapable.

Which meant any healing work could only create a superficial, short-lived transformation.

then everything shifted

When you locate the core wounds and beliefs holding you back, you can stop healing symptoms alone. 

You can address the root cause of your suffering instead of putting a band-aid on a broken arm.

Suddenly, the work begins to stick...  

You stop getting triggered left and right. 

You start living with more peace, joy, and presence. 

Every therapy session, journey, meditation, and healing tool is more effective.

Every dollar put into personal development is more valuable.

This one shift in focus radically elevates the value of your personal development journey - so you can finally experience the life your heart has always craved.

what this means for you

You don’t need a healer, therapist, coach, or mentor to find your core wounds. You can find them yourself when you track your triggers and understand your own behavior patterns. 

We’ve created a framework that empowers you to do this work. 

After thousands of hours in the lab, years of studying integration, and months spent testing these tools on our own lives, we've perfected a simple framework that empowers you to do your own healing work. 

introducing: SAFE Integration

A trigger log tool and proprietary integration system to help you identify your core wounds quickly and elevate the effectiveness of your healing journey an exponential rate.

the trigger log

Trigger logging creates a moment of pause and reflection when life experiences evoke an intense emotional outbreak. This tool helps us meet triggers with a set of scientifically designed questions to clarify what’s actually showing up for us.

The benefits are immediate and long-lasting.  

Immediate benefits: Documenting a triggering experience from an objective eye can pull you out of a fight or flight response back into a calmer state. 

Longer-term benefits: Understanding why you respond the way you do is critical for healing work that creates a permanent transformation.

the SAFE system

We heal faster when we feel seen & supported. 

As a community member, you’ll receive the resources, tools, and training you need to hold space for others as they move through their triggers - while they hold space for you. 

This skill will transform your relationships and elevate your ability to navigate personal challenges and interpersonal conflict. You’ll learn how to ask for your needs, how to set and hold boundaries, and how to support others effectively. 

This system is designed for all levels of experience - from those who’ve never held space to professional healers and therapists.

join today and get

SAFE system training vault

Personalized trigger log

Access to experts and mentors

Community of integration buddies

what people say about it

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is this you?

You feel stuck in your process and the tools you have are aren't moving you past your blocks as quickly as they used to

You are in the middle of an intense period in your life and you are looking for answers on how to improve your mental and emotional health 

You keep repeating the same patterns and can't seem to get out of your own way

You see the potential you have for growth and compassion but can't seem to get over the same old stuff

You keep attracting the same types of people and situations in your life that don't align with the life you want to live

Your growth has shifted your community and you are feeling alone in your journey for healing 

You do 'the work' and want a better, faster, more systematized way to integrate all of your learnings 

If you are one or many of the above, you are in the right place.

inside you will...

  • Learn how to navigate everyday triggers effectively. 
  • Log your triggers so you can track your progress and get clarity on areas of growth.
  • Learn how to build a map of your emotional and mental health history to take to any healing experience - from plant medicine to talk therapy. 
  • Draw connections between your triggers and track them back to moments throughout your life to see a thread of reactions stemming from the core ‘root’ of the trauma. 
  • Learn how to help others as they identify their triggers, core wounds, and limiting beliefs
  • Build and connect with a community of like-minded people working towards their own self-fulfillment 
  • Meet with trigger logging, and mapping experts live to get all of your questions answered.

get started today

It's free to join. Create your profile and start logging now.

frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

This program is for who are doing personal development and healing work and are having trouble actually feeling like they are moving the needle or want to move with more clarity and ease in their healing process. 

This is also for people having relationships challenges, chronic anxiety and depression, having a hard time unpacking intense emotions, people who feel alone inside their healing work and want to be apart of a community. Mostly it is for people who are tired of feeling like they are stuck on a hamster wheel of self growth with no sense of direction when doing work 

For people who are at rock bottom and are tired of being stuck and tired of being reactive to life instead of proactively moving towards the life they want. 

Do I need experience?

No! Come as you are. Beginners to seasoned vets welcome.

What is the time commitment?

This is a supplement for your healing journey and you will get out of this work what you put into it. The course is self-paced and driven by you. A log takes 15 - 20 mins to complete and each session with your buddy should be at least 60 minutes. We recommend folks spend at least 2-3 hours a week at the start and recalibrate to do more or less as you feel comfortable. Logs are digital but maps are currently a manual process that takes 90+ minutes per session. 

Is this self-directed or guided?

This course is self-directed. You choose your schedule and available time commitment. We are not an accountability group but rather a community of folks who want to drive into results and take ownership for our own healing. We will make all tools available from the moment you join but we but we cannot walk the line next to you. This program is designed to have you do the work and lean in to your buddy. 


Is everything I log and map confidential?

Yes! All of our tools and protocols are HIPPA compliant. No one will ever be able to access your data without your consent. You will have the opportunity to share your experiences with your buddy. We ask that you use your personal discretion when sharing with your buddy as we are not able to monitor each and every buddy exchange. You are never forced to share anything with anyone in your experience ever and we will do our best to support you in that. We occasionally will do a larger, aggregate data analysis  with expert data scientists who specialize in medical information, confidentiality, and data to understand trends of healing across our entire system. When we do this we anonymize every log and participant in our database to maintain high levels of confidentiality. You can opt out of this at any time by emailing 

What happens when I get started? What is my roadmap?

First 2-4 weeks: learn the logging tool, start logging triggers, and watch onboarding videos 

Weeks 4 - 6: Dive into your buddy system training, learn how to be a good buddy, and get matched with a buddy of your own. You can always bring your own buddy or we can match you with one in our system. 

Weeks 6+:  Get to know your buddy and begin pattern matching and COEX mapping

How much does this cost?

This program and all tools are free for the first 100k people who sign up. 

shift from powerless to empowered

When we’re in control of our healing and empowered to do the deep work our souls came here to do, we can reach our full potential.

We can love harder, connect deeper, laugh more, and carry joy with us every day. 

This is directly tied to the mission of our parent foundation, the Humans Are Good Foundation.

We're not here to heal anything or 'fix' you. Our goal is to give you a tool to help you see your work clearly and a system that empowers you to do it effectively.

Join our mission to empower all humans everywhere to reach their fullest and deepest joy by helping you dive into your own world and heal what's stopping you from living your best life.

get started today

It's free to join. Create your profile and start logging now.