Mike’s Story

How do we create more harmony in the world?

More happiness? How do we create more abundance? These are the questions I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to answer.

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Mike Cline
Board Chairman, Humans are Good Foundation

How do we create more harmony in the world?

How do we create more harmony in the world? More happiness? How do we create more abundance?

These are the questions I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to answer. After countless years of searching, journeying, and experimenting, it is clear to me now that the answer is simply for us humans to see ourselves for the infinite creators we all are. That we are each but one aspect of consciousness that is constantly growing, learning, reflecting, and interacting with itself.

Waking up to that truth and seeing ourselves in full is the path.

Through that recognition, we can begin to unravel and calm the human meat suit that we are riding, and finally come into synchronization with it and towards true understanding. We can learn to love our human vehicle in full, and not blame, judge, or hurt ourselves.

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Instead of giving into those shadow phenomena that will continue to rise, we can intercept them, digest them and they can lead us into new awareness. With the right support, we can begin to see ourselves more completely. With enhancement to our awareness, we begin to recognize things about ourselves that we desire to change. From this desire we can lean into choice- to change, unravel, and let go of the dis-ease that’s blocking what we want. The negative energies we’ve been holding are asking to be released. And when this process is approached with curiosity, collaboration, and loving kindness at every single step, we begin to grow and move towards the light, towards love.

The science of neuroplasticity says this is true. 

We can rewire our minds, our personalities. We can be all we want to be. We can put down the swords as there is truly a better, more enjoyable way for all.

And ultimately, this makes the party on this planet a lot more fun and fruitful for all of us.

This is where utopia lives -- in seeing ourselves and each other in full and living that fullness. In supporting each other’s journey down this path.

The Humans are Good Foundation is my attempt to put a container around this.

I’m putting my energies into this project because it’s the most important work I feel I could be doing. Which is a blend of both comedy and tragedy- because ultimately, none of this truly matters. We are all just expressions of consciousness getting to know itself. It doesn't matter if this awakening of ourselves happens in this lifetime, the next one, or the next billionth one. However many iterations there are, all the meaning is made up, it is chosen. 

And as such, we get to choose the meaning to this life. To give it the richness, to give it the beauty, to recognize the beauty, to appreciate the beauty. Sometimes we are faced with a catch-22 -- do nothing or do this.

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And in this life, I’m choosing play; the art, the fuckery, the expression. Because- why not?

I’m excited to lean into this work; to create the space to dream up the next big public stunt or art project with a bunch of like minded brains, to lean in and support individuals seeing their own beauty and loving themselves, to help carve a groove in the bridge between science of consciousness.

I’m deeply interested in real impact. In how the machine works. 

I feel the obligation is to start on the integration side. I want to introduce the world to this altered-state aftercare tool that has come to me, through my own increasing awareness and waking up to myself more, to be able to see the universe in the context that I can now. And then backing up the work with science. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey and lending your brain to what I feel is the most epic adventure I’ve set out on. Happy to have you along for the ride.