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Our Goal: Offer Precision Emotional Healing to 100 cancer patients and track the impact on patient quality of life & health outcomes

We’re collaborating on a research project with Liber8, the Metabolic Terrain Institute of Health, and Dr. Nasha Winters to quantify the impact of emotional wellness on cancer patient outcomes. 

We’ll test this hypothesis by guiding 100 cancer patients through a three-month Precision Emotional Healing journey. 

The journey includes: 

  • A deep dive intake to understand current emotional resilience levels.

  • Lifetime access to the Liber8 mobile app for tracking emotional health symptoms. 
  • Three 90-minute emotional mapping sessions with certified experts on the HAGF team
  • Three Emotional Lab Reports to track and measure progress

  • Three month Precision Emotional Healing plan with daily, weekly, and monthly practices 

  • LIFETIME Access to Liber8 Collective with others affected by cancer and support resources
  • Hands on support from the Liber8 staff, cancer advocates, and our network of vetted practitioners

Over three months, participants will build mental & emotional resilience by learning to manage and navigate adversity. We’ll equip these patients with practical tools and skill sets that encourage lasting positivity, faith in the healing journey, and self empowerment.

Precision Emotional Healing is changing patient lives. Here are 90 day results from previous participants: 

  • 100% Report seeing improvements their ability to see patterns in their life contributing to diseased states. 
  • 80%   Report increased ability to manage stress & emotional triggers.
  • 100% Report improvement in companionship 
  • 100% Report stronger emotional support networks 
  • 100% Report improvement in sense of meaning and purpose
  • 100%   Report decrease in negative self talk & judgement
  • 100% Report improved emotional resiliency  

As part of our partnership with Dr. Nasha, we will have access to direct feedback loops with doctors for all of the patients we take through our Precision Emotional Healing programs. 

As a result, we can see how a patient’s increase in awareness and prioritization of emotional well-being drives their motivation, perception of health improvement, actual improvement in existing relationships or emotional states, and how these efforts correlate to improved medical outcomes.

Every $600 donation funds a three-month Precision Emotional Healing program for a cancer patient. 

The future of wellness is emotional health. We envision a world where emotional health efforts are taken as seriously as other health efforts. 

Your dollars will be spent helping build the necessary case studies to get Precision Emotional Healing tools covered by insurance for cancer patients.

As a donor, you benefit from a tax write-off. Plus, 100% of your money will directly support the emotional well-being & potential health outcome of someone in need. 

It costs just $600 to support one person through a Precision Emotional Healing Journey. 

This is one of the most exciting wellness projects you can fund, and your money has the potential to change and improve lives. 

Can we count on your support? 



“This is what is missing in cancer treatment. Trauma’s are shelved until the tumor gets attention but the tumor is responding to the trauma, not the therapies. The undeniable connection between the mind and body demands that we address the emotional turmoil that cancer patients experience, not just the tumors they battle.

When an individual is perpetually engulfed in their triggers, fears, and reactive behaviors, they may struggle to benefit from treatments and healing practices. Acknowledging and addressing these emotional barriers can effectively facilitate personal awareness and empower individuals to make the necessary changes for their healing journey. By providing quantifiable, measurable feedback through evaluations, individuals can track their progress and make improvements over time. This balance of addressing both facts and feelings allows for a more comprehensive approach to the healing process.”

 -Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, Best Selling Author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer


“My experience with this framework has been profound. The tools and techniques are grounded in scientific research, and this is what attracted me as an academic. The process used is validated to not only provide a guided exploration into emotional patterns, but to also provide tools and resources to gain insights and healing. I know the process works through my first-hand experience in emotional healing that is necessary as a cancer patient.” 

-Sandra S, Cancer Patient


“I had labs done with my oncologist yesterday. I had been told that I should expect that my blood counts would never be normal, and during and after 3 bouts with leukemia, there have always been some (usually several) counts that were out of range. Yesterday, however, every single one of my blood counts was in normal range!!! 😁 And the range was a range they give to everyone, not just someone living with leukemia. This is a HUGE deal to me!! Thank you to the fabulous Liber8 team!”

– Angie N, Cancer Patient


“I have drastically more energy, I am able to sleep without any aids, and my digestive system is functioning the best it EVER has! All 3 of these things were lifelong struggles that deeply impacted my day-to-day functioning. The relief I’ve experienced through my program has been truly transformative and liberating!”  

-Gina L, Cancer Patient



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